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Just another screen printer. No job is too small but some may be a bit big. I can still do those too.

About Us


J&L Ink was supposed to be a part-time gig while raising kids but after a whim of an idea took off and created a home-town buzz, it became clear that this was something that needed to expand – and expand it has. For the times you don’t need five hundred, you just need fifty, J&L Ink provides quality, small-batch printing: from t-shirts to hoodies; aprons to beer coasters; tote bags to posters.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, everything is screen-printed by hand using quality inks, textiles, and paper that’s made to last. And, whenever possible, I source from local and Canadian-made goods. Part art, part function, no job is too big, and if it is, I’ll still do it.